Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review: Love & Beauty Heated Eyelash Cruler

Hello ladies
Today's post is directed towards reviewing a heated eyelash curler, when I posted a picture of a heated eyelash curler I got many comments freaking out about this device, wondering if it would burn, cause your eyelashes to fall, how it works.. etc

Well I've used it around three times now, which I think for an eyelash curler is a good time to judge

Let me just make this quick:
Don't get it. First off, it takes a much longer time to curl every eye, on the instructions it said to turn it on after you've inserted a battery and wait until the green light turns white, the green light never turned white. Even though I've kept it on for much longer than they said it would take.
Anyway, the wand gets hot, it doesn't get that heated that it would burn your skin on the first second it touches it, it just gets hot.
It's more difficult to use than a normal eyelash curler because it doesn't grasp your lashes, you just gotta press it on them to bend them, and I found that a bit tricky.
It doesn't even curl better than a normal eyelash curler, I found they both curl the same (if anything normal curlers curl better).

I think the only thing that this eyelash curler wins at is your eyelashes stay curled for a longer time, because heat is involved. Otherwise, your normal eyelash curler is less time consuming, easier to use, works better & less expensive.

After all, I follow so many make-up artists, all whom never use heated eye lash curlers or carry them in their kit, think about it, if it's not something that stars on the runaway who get photographed all the time would bother with, why would the normal every day girl? You shouldn't, I think it's just another gimmick to get women to spend.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Make-up table necessities

Hello ladies
I'm using the word necessities in the title very lightly because definitely you do not need everything I show you here for your make-up table lol. In real life, I'm really not a perfectionist, but when it comes to make-up, I can get a bit of a perfectionist I mean I like everything set up in front of me, everything easy to grab & available, I don't wanna have to look for anything whenever I do my make-up, I want it to be easy & effortless, mostly to save time.

So here are a few of the things I find extremely helpful to have around your make-up area.

This one's a big one, this is my MUST HAVE in my book: A bottle of hand sanitize, I detest touching my face or eyes or my make-up brushes & products without having clean hands, it spreads bacteria, it might be infectious, you never know, so having a huge bottle of hand sanitizer right beside my make-up is just right. And I love this humongouuuus one from Lulu, I mean look at that that is going to last me forever!

Another one for the bacteria: A quick brush cleanser, gone are the days where I used to soak my brushes every week in shampoo & water & rub them, my brushes do not get that royal treatment anymore, no one has time for dat, I just spray a bit of this brush cleanser on my brushes, swirl them on a tissue paper & they're sanitized & ready to be used. I got this from the face shop.
In the background is a make-up finishing spray that I use from time to time when I want my make-up to not budge, you can find a review on it here.

On the other sider of my little container thing (that I got from home center btw) are some Q-tips & my inglot beauty sponge, found a way to store it. Q-tips are extremely helpful especially when you want to smudge or clean-up your eyeshadow.

Finally, I have my mac fix plus, foundation & a lip balm. I hardly use my mac fix plus, if anyone knows how are we supposed to use this thing please let me know? And watch out for a review on this new favourite foundation of mine here soon

That is it, I'd recommend you have a make-up remover in hand too just incase you want to start over or something. but that's taking it up a whole new level.

If you would like to share your make-up table necessities please do !

Sunday, September 14, 2014

8 reasons why working out at home is better

Hello girls

I think around a month back my gym membership expired, & I thought to myself: oh no, I'm going to be so demotivated & thus with it my fitness routine will expire too.
Later I was going through instagram & came across a few instagram accounts that show you in 15 seconds workouts you can do at home for whatever body part you wish to work on, they were really inspiring & so, I was like let's try this working at home thing. I started working out at home a month ago, at first it was a bit like me just spending time listening to music out loud & being silly, but as time passed by I started to have a clearer wrokout routine, I started to know what areas I wanted to target & I started to have more fun.

So here's a post to telling every girl why she can just workout at home, there's no need for the gym membership fuss:
1) You choose the music you blast out loud, I LOVE listening to my favourite music from the speakers it just pumps me up, no more earphones hanging that I accidentally tug on while working out
2) You don't have to drive all the way to the gym, this is a big one, who wants to change, wear abaya, head to the car, drive to & from, especially when they don't have to?
3) You don't have to deal with gym rules: opening/closing time, singing in & off & everything else.
4) You can lay down dead breathing hard after every set of workout. You can't be totally comfortable just laying on your stomach at the gym breathing so hard like you just gave birth or something when all you did was 10 push-ups lol, at home, no one judges you.
5) You can dance, you can't randomly dance at the gym, but at home dancing is a a workout.
6) You can act silly
7) No clothing rules. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love cute workout gear, BUT I don't like feeling restricted by it, when I workout at home I can either change into workout clothes or just workout in my PJs, I don't have to look gym decent. I also feel more comfortable in just shorts & a tank top when I'm alone, that allows me to move more.
8) There are so many instagram accounts that are extremely helpful & inspiring with some short tutorials showing you whole body workouts, here are some of my faves: @Sugarysixpack, @achieving_balance (this is 18+, I'm not a fan of the exposing body part but her short videos are really good lol: @soniatlevfitness ).

These are just the reasons off the top of my head why I'm not going back to the gym any time soon
There were also a couple of incidents that happened to me at horizon that made me go like "nah, you're not my kindda people", the workers there were kindda rude & I just didn't feel like that's a place I want to go back to (or give money to) again, maybe if I found a gym that suits me better I'll give it another try, but not soon.

Hope this was a bit inspiring, if you have any comments or questions or anything let me know in a comment 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review (day 19) : Inglot Pro Blending Sponge

Hello girls

I picked the sponge a few weeks ago, I thought wow, that looks like the beauty blender, I never tried the beauty blender before we just never crossed roads unfortunately, but I thought I'd start with this sponge first, if I like it I might think of getting the real deal (or not, read on..)

This is a make-up sponge to smooth your foundation, cream blush, concealer, liquid illuminator with. 
Inglot being typical inglot, on the packaging, it hardly says anything, just says it gives a flawless finish, it's latex free & it's ideal bla bla. 

This is how you use it: You soak it in water, while squeezing it a few times, the sponge stores the water & it's size expands to almost double the original size. You squeeze the water out until the sponge is just damp & then put on some foundation on your face & use the sponge to spread the foundation on your face by bouncing it off your face all over, in a patting motions. You use the pointed edge to apply concealer under your eye or illuminator on your cheekbones.
Then you're left with a very flawless skin like finish, I love how the sponge gives me that no make-up look, the layer of foundation you're left with is very thin & light, but it's still covering. The surface is very smooth & the skin is dewier than using a normal brush.

Now there are two things that I have a hard time with with this sponge: 1) Cleaning it, I have no idea how to clean it, I might have to youtube some tutorials because I use handwash while squeezing it under tap water, & it doesn't seem to be the best way. I think I'll start using baby shampoo on it (& all my brushes)
2) I have no idea how to store it, it's hard to store it anywhere where it's completely sanitized, because every bit of it touches your face so you need to store it somewhere clean. I just wrap a tissue around it & store it in my make-up drawer, which does not look cute lol.

As for the comparison between the beauty blender & this sponge, most of the reviews I read online say they love them just as much, although the inglot sponge is firmer & there's a slight difference in size.

That is it, the price this is extremely affordable compared to the beauty blender, I think it was around 4.5 OMR, whilst the beauty blender is around 10 - 15.

Verdict: I love it, I don't use it every time but every now & then, say 1/3 of the time I would use it when I have a lot of time t get ready & I want my skin to look extra good. As for the beauty blender, won't be needing to buy it anytime soon, this one is very satisfying to me for now. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Review (day 18): Vichy One Step Cleanser 3 in 1

Hello ladies!
So if you follow me on instagram (@arwasblog) you've probably seen the series of posts I started doing in Ramadan, long story short I was supposed to post a review a day on my insta during the month of Ramadan but then it dragged on. So I decided to continue it on my blog, it's just going to be really fast to the point reviews every few days, I'm on day 18 with this post & I'll be doing a review on this product I picked from the pharmacy.

This is Vichy's one step cleanser for sensitive skin, it's supposed to be a cleansing milk, a toner & an eye make-up remover. I love that it's huge, 200ml for a 5.9 OMR cleanser, it comes off as a white lotion like texture & it doesn't smell.
This product does NOT remove make-up, not mascara & heavy eye make-up at least, it was such a disappointment in that department because I was really excited to cut short my night skin care routine with this, nope, the only thing this product will do is make your eyes look like a panda, it'll melt your make-up but not remove it, you'll then have to use an eye make-up remover to remove it. it'll do most of the work for your, but it won't remove it.
It also leaves a film on your face, I suppose that's the "toner", I kindda don't mind it because I then cleanse my face again with another face cleanser.
It won't give you that squeaky clean feeling, for me it's kind of a duh, how can you be a toner & make-up remover in one? A make-up remover is supposed to get completely off your face, melt your make-up & then when you rinse your face everything on your face is supposed to go down the drain, a toner is supposed to stay, only one of them will happen, this stayed on my face, I guess this is a cleanser & a toner in one.

Conclusion: good if you're face is make-up-less & you want a cleaner that'll moisturize your face, really not good for someone who wants a deep clean or a one step make-up remover.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fave summer product: Vichy Idéalia Life Serum Review

Hello ladies

I've a review today of my fave summer product of this summer which is Vichy Idéalia Life Serum, I've now been using daily for a few months.

First of I love the pink packaging & the glass bottle comes in, it's quite compact & can be fit in any make-up bag for travelling without taking much space.
The first thing I learned about it is that it's more targeted to ages around 20-35, because it's not really an 'anti-aging' serum, it prevents & helps behavioral aging, behavioural aging means the things we do that can effect our skin, lack of sleep, stress, exposure to pollution, bad diet... etc. Compared to the Estee lauder night repair serum I used to use which was more directed towards aging skin, I think this suits my needs much better.
The scent of this is quite strong, it has a floral scent which might bother anyone who's sensitive to scents, I'm not, I love the scent of it.
Upon daily use of it I noticed I wake-up in the morning and my skin feels so smoooth, it must have some exfoliating properties, my pores look less visible & my skin looks healthier all over all, I use it mainly at night just pump one pump for my whole face & rub it in.

It's quite light but dries a bit sticky which helps the moisturizer I use after it to adhere, I love that part.
It does give my skin a glow because it has a few pearly particles, now I know I've talked before about how much I hate skincare with shimmer, it freaks me out because in my mind I wonder where all the shimmer goes, into my pores? But I love this product so much I looked passed it. I reckon it would be a great primer for the mornings for those with dehydrated or dull skin because of the pearly effect it has. I must try doing that because it gives the skin a semi golden/pink glow right after you apply it, I think mixing this with your foundation or BB cream would give fantastic results.

From the Vichy website: "New scientific discovery: BEHAVIOURAL AGING- our daily behaviours and relationship with the environment have an impact in our skin aging process. Stress, pollution/smoke, UV-rays or an unbalanced diet impact different aspects of our skin quality: complexion colour, skin tone, facial features or skin texture. 

Vichy introduces its exclusive correcting complex [LR2412+LHA], in a formula that helps repair in real time the damages of life excesses on the skin.  For a spectacular transformation of the skin quality: Fresh complexion, even skin tone, refined Pores, rested features
Efficacy clinically proven on skin exposed to extreme life conditions: stress, UV rays, pollution/smoke & an unbalanced diet. In 8 days, 8/10 women saw a transformation of their skin quality.

A serum that leaves the skin instantly smoothed, plumped, fresh and soft. A radiance primer, enriched with golden and red pearls, for an instant ideal skin colour and unsurpassable luminosity and glow."

This serum was 24 OMR from Muscat pharmacy, can't say it's cheap but compared to the 40 OMR you have to pay for Estee Lauders & most other high-end brands, I'd just take accept it lol.

Conclusion: I love it, I'll keep on buying it this has become a staple in my routine, I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a serum to help improve their skin.
Thank you for reading     

Monday, August 4, 2014

Review: L'Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream

Hello Ladies

This will be a review post for the  L'Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream. First thing I learned about this is this is not a foundation neither a primer, it's a blur cream.Real life blur sounds pretty awesome I love it when companies use photoshop terms in real life it sounds so high-tech.
It's supposed to blur pores, mattify & perfect.
When I swatched this on my hand the first thing I thought was dear god this is identical to Benefits Porefessional! It feels silicone-y & it glides on the skin, has a slightly pink tone, comes out thick but really light in weight. I owned benefit the porefessional before & I honestly can not tell the difference in texture between both.

This comes in two shades, light to medium & medium to dark. I have no idea why it comes in shades because it adds no color or coverage! But anyway, first time I put it on my face I loved how it instantly mattified my skin, matte skin shows less imperfections, there's no light bouncing at every curvature showing the pores & fine lines. And also it felt SO GOOD, I just wanted to keep touching my face. It gave my skin this silky feeling, my pores/pesky lines were fading away & my skin was turning into a more blank canvas.
L'Oreal say you can use this alone or under make-up, using it alone is not bad I just think it's so much better to use it under make-up, gives you the full benefits.

Don't expect this to be a primer on your skin though because it will not help elongate the life of your foundation, it just makes it look so much better. The results are quite temporary so that's why I'd advise you carry it in your handbag if you wanna touch up. Especially if you have oily skin, when you get shiny the effect fades away kind of.
 It didn't state that it can be used over make-up but benefit porefessional does & since they're very similar I tried it that way & it worked just as well.

Finally, L'Oreal's words on it from their website:
"Concentrated with light reflectors, the micro-blur technology delivers an optical blurring effect for smooth, poreless looking skin. The translucent coverage is silky smooth and evens out the look of skin tone. C'est Magique!"

You get 25 ml in the tube for 8 OMR.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Inglot Haul

Hello ladies
Today's post is a bit of an inglot haul, I don't go to inglot often but everytime I do they got new stuff released, new collections, new colors, brushes...etc
So it's always always fun for me to try things out

First of I got this sponge that looks very similar to the beauty blender, I've never tried a beauty blender in my life, they don't sell them here but I though this might be the closest thing to it available
I'm excited because I trust inglot so I'll try this out & let you know how good it works
This was 4 or 4.5 OMR

Then I got this eyelash serum that said on it's display in the store that it's lengthening, thickening, moisturing etc. My lashes have been falling off a lot lately I've no idea why I needed something to make it stop, so I've a few hopes on this one
This was 8 OMR 

  Last I got three matte lipsticks & a palette for       them, these swatched beautiful on my hands & they lasted long on it too. I love shades of red that's what I wear most of the time, a red stain is my favourite lip color.The shades I chose are 501, 507 & 508.
These were 4 OMR each

I have to state though I'm not over the moon over how inglot markets their products
Other than the fact that every product doesn't have a name but a number, the eyelash serum had no instructions on how to use it whatsoever, it doesn't even have a description of what the product does, if not for the description on the display in the strore I would have had no idea.
Same with the sponge, it doesn't tell you how to use it or what to expect from it. My prime example of how a company should market their products is Benefit, their product descriptions get you excited to use them!
That was it for this haul, what are your favourite inglot products?

Work make-up

♥ Hello 

It's been three weeks since I've been doing work training & I wake-up in the morning every day like I've woken up from the dead, especially with these late world cup games that make me stay up all night These are just a few steps I do in the morning so I would look a bit more decent, it really takes no time at all especially when you do it every morning

I LOVE Garniers eye roll on for puffy eyes in the morning, I use that & then use just a tiny bit of Estee Lauders double wear concealer on my dark circles, and I look like I've had 10 hours of sleep.
For spf I use Benefits Big Easy better than BB cream spf 35, it's not bad that it has a bit of coverage either.
It's really matte & feels comfortable on my skin, just makes it look a bit healthier.

For eyes I'd rather keep it really simple with just these two products, I use essence long lasting eye pencil in dark brown smudged on my upper & lower lashline + Benefit they're real mascara on my upper & lower lashline.

For cheeks I use this lips & cheeks pot from Bobbi Brown in powder pink, they've changed the packaging since, hiked up the price & lowered the amount of product in them.
For lips I use the same pot for time saving.

At this point I'm done & I'm turning my closet into a warfare looking for a good wearable abaya.

I  wish you all a happy & blessed month 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Play off: Mascara

Hello ladies

I decided to compare two mascaras today that I thought were very similar: Benefit they're Real! mascara & maybelline THE ROCKET mascara.
I think they're quite similar because they both have a thick wand with plastic bristles.
I got they're real mascara about a week ago & been using it everyday, on the other hand I really love maybelline the rocket mascara, I used it for months & it was fantastic.

Length: they're real mascara wins, at first I didn't know how to use it but I remembered the shop assistant telling me to run the ball tip of the wand vertically through my lashes when I've finished coating them, that'd give me more length & she was right, that changed a lot.

Volume: Maybelline the rocket gives more volume, my lashes might not be as long but they're thicker & more voluminous.

Holding a curl: Maybelline wins again, it's one of my favourite part of this mascara, it holds your curl so well. But if you don't like the stiff feel to lashes then you might not like it, my lashes are not flexible with this mascara, it dries hard.

Longevity: this one is really hard, but I think they're real lasts longer. I don't experience any flaking with it, I do however experience flaking with the maybelline mascara which is so annoying, I think it's just me, whenever I wear this mascara I get a black smudge underneath my eyes & on my eyelids.

Ease of removal: they're real is definitely easier to remove, maybelline the rocket is soo hard to remove nothing but waterproof remover would do it. AND it flakes, so it's like, what's the point of being hard to remove if you flake?

Packaging: they're real wins, 100%.

Price: Maybelline was half Benefits price, so Maybelline takes this one.

Irritability: Maybelline burns my eyes after a day of use, but only if I've kept it for too long.
Never experienced any irritation with they're real mascara.

Winner: This might come like a shocker but I prefer maybelline, I just prefer a curlier doll-eye look to my lashes & I'd choose volume over length. But they're real mascara is not bad at all, it's a great mascara I'll keep using it.

Thank you for reading <3