Thursday, April 10, 2014

Current Favourites

Hello ladies
Been a while since I've done a favourites post, but it's a good thing because right now I've quite a lot to talk about.

My favourite perfume these past couple of months has been Kate Moss's Lilabelle, it's heavenly. Again, white flowers, I love anything that smells like white flowers. It's extremely similar to Benefits 'Laugh with me Leelee' perfume which I love too! And it's so tiny I can just throw it in my handbag.

I have three hair favourites this time which is weird because I'm not a hair person. I always say that, but yeah lol.

Okay let's start with Yardley's Lavender pomade. Last week I got a hair trim, finally, & my hair ends have been much healthier than before but still they're the driest part of my hair. 
I use this pomade mostly on my hair tips, dip your fingers rub it in your hands & smooth it on, first it's a bit on the oily side but a couple of hours later there's no that greasy feeling your hair tips are just soft & touchable and they stay like that 'till the next wash. I also love it for preventing flyaways & keeping your hair neat. Oh & yeah it smells like lavender, which is fabulous.

L'Oreal extraordinary hair oil has also been one of my favourite hair products this month, on my damp hair I just use a pump & rub it on my hair, my hair then goes to dry smooth & less frizzy, there are parts which are left reallly soft. 
I put a picture of it on my blog instagram & a girl commented that itdoesn't penetrate the hair but coats it, or something like that, which is not supposed to be a good thing. I don't know about that I just know that it makes my hair softer & smoother, whether it's coated or absorbed!

Third product this month/months is VO5 volume boost, I don't just love it because it does add more volume but it also makes my hair roots softer & I could go an extra day without washing my hair, it'll still look good. 

So I don't wear makup to the gym, of course. However I do use this Garnier eye roll, I find it de-puffs my eyes & makes them instantly more awake because of the caffeine in it, the first few times I used it I was surprised that I could actually tell the difference. However I don't like it under concealer, it makes the concealer flake & hard to smooth on.

Okay this is my favourite of all the favourites, I think I have finally found my 'IT' liquid eyeliner in Maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner pen. If you've read my past few posts you'll see me talking about how much I love Lancome's Plume eyeliner, & I still do but I ran out. I run out of eye liner very quickly because I use it all the time, I wanted to find a good drugstore liquid eyeliner that would be just as good. It is this! Omg I can't describe how good it is, it applies so smoothly, you can draw the thinnest lines, the thickest lines, everything. It doesn't suddenly stop drawing halfway through the line, you know how annoying that is right? The tip also draws perfectly & it's so fine. I've tried a lot of drugstore pen eyeliners, nothing's even close. Get this if you're looking for an eyeliner. Get it get it get it. 

I've also been loving Essence long lasting eyeliner in '15 bling bling' for my lashline, it's my perfect kind of color for the lashline.

As for lips & cheeks, MAC has been my go to these months. First off MACs lip liner in spice, which is the most flattering color on all skin tones & goes with any look. Second is MACs blush in Melba, which is a pinkish-peach matte blush that also goes with anything & flatters any skin tone.

Let's talk about skin favourites, I love L'oreal's makeup remover for eyes & lips, it removes all my eye makeup effectively & quickly, when it comes to eye makeup removers I am not that picky I like a lot of make-up removers like the bioderma & the body shop butter one, but this one has been what I've been using lately & it works great. I've owned Lancome's eye make-up remover & let's be honest, there's no difference between them, except the price ofcourse.

Second skin care favourite is Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean face wash, come one, the name itself is so cute lol. Regardless of the name it smells like peaches & it is quite gentle on my skin because it's a cream cleanser, but it still purifies. Like I feel my skin is squeaky clean after using it.

Third, Aloe serum from the body shop, I have sensitive skin & this calms my skin down, especially after I've just scrubbed it or used something harsh on it, it's great for under your moisturiser, anything to calm  your skin down is good. I really love it especially for redness.

Last favourite is this eyeshadow from Inglot called 'pearl 395' from their freedom system, I use this on my inner corner, it's shimmery ofcourse but the picture doesn't show it, & the best thing about it is that it lasts all day & I just find it's the perfect color for the inner corners, it's the right amount of shimmer & the right creamy color, it's gorgeous & I've not been using anything but this even though I have a lot of other shimmery eyeshadows.

That is it for my favourites these months! I hope you enjoyed.
If you have any comments or questions let me know below.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rainy Oufit Of The Day

Hey girls
Took those pictures a few days back of me & my cousin of our outfits. It was a rainy day & perfect for pictures.

Enjoy! xxx

Cousins outfit:
Watch: Guess
Heels: Domund
Skirt: her mums .."vintage" :p
scarf: H&M
bracelet: Parfois.

Her top is actually a scarf & she just used a belt hold it together, love it!

My outfit

My abaya is from the UAE I have no idea where from exactly my mum got it, sorry! :(

Have a lovely day 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bourjois Eyebrow Mascara Review

Hello girls
Just wanted to make a quick review on Bourjois eyebrow mascara. Yes when I saw an "eyebrow mascara" I was intrigued, mascara for your eyebrows? What? Not lashes? Gotta try that.
So I did, I didn't expect anything & if you know me you know I'm always up for trying & exploring new things.

I wore it  so many times ever since I bought it, basically a brown mascara, light in texture, you brush your eyebrows with it in a few strokes & it helps thicken & keep your brows in place.
To be honest it hardly thickened, you would not notice anything special or too much extra volume, but you'd notice the hold it has on your eyebrows & there's this tiny hint of color. It's not black nor dark brown it's almost a shimmery brown but in a nice way.
My eyebrows look a bit more voluminous & thick with this mascara, with a lovely hint of golden brown.

In conclusion, I really like it, but it's not something I'd say 'Go get!' it's just a luxury, it's nice to use, doesn't change your makeup that much & it just helps your eyebrows to look a bit more groomed. But I can definitely live without it.
Eyebrow people should try this, you know who you are lol.

Have a lovely day ladies 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

All About Brows

Hello ladies!
I have a blogpost all about brows today, I've been a huge eyebrow person ever since forever, I started "taking care" of my brows long back when I was in high-school, I used to pluck them horribly thin it was so embarrassing lol but anyway they're all grown out now no worries, what I'm trying to say is that I've experienced with everything when it comes to eyebrows, from threading to waxing to different brow products so it's about time I write down what I've learned.
I've settled for tweezing the stray hairs at home, I've stopped threading about a year ago, my eyebrows are fully grown & are in they natural shape. Every 3-4 days I tweeze the few hairs that grow below my natural eyebrow shape.
I'm not saying people should start doing that I know girls who have beaaautiful eyebrows from threading & girls who have beaaautiful eyebrows without touching them so just do what works for you!
I've tried filling my eyebrows in 3-4 ways so far, I'll let you know what's the difference between them.

Okay so first these eyebrow "tattoo's", don't be fooled by the name, they don't give that horrendous tattoo looking brows, they can look very natural.
They're a colored liquid that dries into a waterproof formula, you use an angled brush, squeeze some out & then just dab it on the opening to get as little as possible on your brush, then fill in your eye brows with little strokes.
They're waterproof which is awesome, I don't wear makeup to the gym but if I ever have something to do after going to the gym I'd use one of these really quickly & it'd stay on ALL day & won't budge.
They're really good if you want to extend or 'redraw' your eyebrows maybe add an arch or lengthen the edges, if that is your thing, these work perfectly.
If you're a natural eye brow lover, like me, you'd still like these because you can use very little on your brush & then just fill your brows in where needed & the end result will look natural. It's not as natural looking as powder, it can be a bit messy if you don't know how to really work with it & you have to remember you need a good brush with them.

I bought an eyebrow tattoo from makeup forever a couple or more years back. It was 17 OMR when I bought it & it came with two tiny brushes that worked perfect with it.
Later around that time I dyed my hair brown & I needed something lighter for my eyebrows, I found an identical one from a store called Lilac in Al Bahja center, it was only 6 OMR! It worked identically to the MUFE one, although the brushes that came with it were not as good, you can always use your own angled brush. Not long ago I've checked the Lilac store & they still carried it. The brand is called 'Make-up Station'. I recommend you try the Makeup station one instead of the 17 OMR makeup forever one.

Another method is eyebrow powder, it is the most natural of all methods. It's just some powder that is a kind of a dark brown, usually comes with a wax that you use before the powder to hold it in place.
The benefit one I own is very light & natural I don't use it unless I want really natural undetectable brow powder.
You can't really extend or draw your brows with this, unless the powder is very dark but it still won't be as good as a tattoo or a pencil.

Finally brow pencils, there are two types of pencils, mechanical (twist up) pencils & normal pencils.
These are my go-to eyebrow stuff, they're the easiest & the least time consuming for me. Not as natural looking as powder & not as long lasting as tattoos, but they're the easiest!
Just a few strokes on the tail of my brows & a few strokes in between the hairs & I'm done, you can add an arch or extend them or redraw them and then use a spooly or an eyebrow brush to brush them through for more natural looking brows.

I hope this was helpful guys, especially if your're confused & new to eyebrow filling. 
Have a nice day xxxx

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hello ladies
I just came back from Dubai yesterday and I brought home some goodies with me, I did not want this to be huge because I did not need anything but ... apparently it got kinda huge.
I got stuff from Sephora, Boots & Mac, so let's explore..

I wanted some good powder puffs & I heard loads about Mac powder puffs, everyone was right, these feel sooo sof and luxurious, I love using them with my setting powder. Talking about setting powder I got another mac minirelaized skin finish, I have one already but it was not my color, I tried to ignore it but every time I'm out I notice it's bit on the orange/dark side. So I got one in 'medium'.
I got an eyebrow crayon from mac in 'spike', this is a repurchase but I'm trying a lighter brown color.
I got a lip pencil in a color called 'spice', it's a universal maoon/deep red color, it's hard to explain but the color is beaaaautiful.
Finally got a prep + prime highlighter in 'light boost', I love highlighters but I never owned one in pen form & again heard a lot of good things about this one! I like the pen form because it's easier to use.

I got Boudoir Eyes eye shadow pallete from too faced. I wasn't planning to get any pallettes but this was SO GORGEOUS! I love the colors and how they put three trio of colors together to make one eye look, it makes it much easier to use.
I got Brow Zing from benefit it's this nice compact kit for your eyebrows. I had a red earth palette that was identical to this one but unfortunately I lost it! 
I also came across this cool tool called 'lash amplifier', so basically it is a shield to stop your mascara from smudging on your lids when you apply it and it has a brush on the other side to comb your clumpy lashes, this was much needed as I'm horrible & messy with mascaras, now I can load on mascara without worrying of making a mess or ruining my eye shadow. If you'r a mascara lover, you'd love this tool!
Lastly I got some cha cha tint from benefit which is a beautiful orange tint for lips and cheeks, my sister owned it & I loved it on her every time. I love orange blushes.

The Brow Zing palette from Benefit.

Boudoir eyes from Too Faced.

Finally from boots I got two baby lips from maybelline, I forgot the colors sorry but it's a red one and a pink one, the red one was disappointing there's hardly any color and it was just.. whatever. But I'm really liking the pink one, it's moisturizing plus the color is buildable and pretty.
Nip+Fab had sale & I haven't tried any of their products so I guessed I'd give their sheer make-up fix/primer a try.
From the Body Shop I got a coconut body mist, I am crazy about anything related to coconut, this scent is heaven to me. I sprayed it like a maniac when I was there and I sprayed it like a maniac today. Oh well I'm a coconut maniac.

If you have any comments, let me know! Meanwhile I'll be thinking of what to post next.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 Favourites!

Hello beauties
I'm happy because today's post is about my whole 2013 favourites! Everything from body to face to makeup!
I'm kind of really late for this but who cares?
Before writing this post I went through a quick look of my 2012 favourites & realised that I ran out of 70% of the products I mentioned, the other 30% I'm still loving, but I have a loot of new products I've discovered & fell inlove with in 2013 & I'll tell you all about them

False lashes:- I've experienced a lot with false lashes this year, it wasn't really my thing before but false lashes are the bomb & this year they really grew on me.. or glue on me, because I glue them on.. get it?
Anyway I've loved me some Katy Perry lashes but my favourite will always be those half outer corner lashes, I get modlash 305 accent lashes from Kryolan. Half lashes will always be my thing.
Tip: you can create half lashes yourself by just cutting whatever lashes you already have into two.

Mascara: Maybelline the falsies has been repurchased by me for the third time & every time I buy it again I remember why I've loved it a lot. I've been using Lancôme hypnose & L'Oreal One million lashes before this one as as much I reaaaally love them, maybelline wins. It thickens it elongates it gives a doll eye look without having to spend too much time building the mascara. Love!

Eye primer/Eye base: Mac paint pot in painterly wins, simply because it's a primer and a concealer of eyelid veins/discolouration in  one, & we all love 2-in-one kindda deals.

Eye Liner: I've loved three eye liners this year, starting with red earth gel liner, amazing blackness & longevity, Lancôme Plume eyeliner which I've talked about before, and ending with L'Oreal super liner which is a black liquid felt tip eye liner. This eyeliner is amazing for the richness of its black color & the ease of use, the only down side is that it's hard to get off, makeup remover can't get it off well the liner starts peeling & flaking.

Mac eyebrow crayon in stud. Talked about it before, I love this stuff.

Eyecream:- Currently using & loving Bobbi browns hydrating eye cream (click here).

Eye shadow:- One of my most prized possessions of this year is this precious thing, a mac pallette (which has a lot of inglot eye shadows). Now I never been the biggest eye shadow person, I love it but I don't use it too much at least not on an average day basis, until I met mac eyeshadows. I've tried Urban Decay, I've tried Inglot, they are both amazing but there's something about mac eyeshadows that is just better in my opinion. They are super wearable, the're not super shimmery like Urban Decay & not glittery, everything from color, to shimmer, to glitter is subtle and in just the right amount. And the colors are beautiful! My favourite are: woodwinked (first row, middle) & Shale (second row, second color from left). I wear them both alone for just a wash of color on my whole eyelids, they're beautiful alone & with other colors.
And I've also loved Lancôme's Angel dust single eye shadow this year for all over the lid nude color.


Body Mist:-  Using The Body shops mangolia body mist for a couple of months now, I've never used a single body spray for that long in a row. It's a great feminine white floral scent & I get compliments whenever I wear it.

Perfume:- Estée Lauder  Nude, can't get enough of this scent.

Moisturizers:- LOVE the body shops body butters, I've gone through one, midway through another & I have one full. I've used up the mangolia one & I'm using the coconut one now. They're also the right amount (50 ml) to last you a while until you want to try another scent.
And compared to ones from VS & Bath & Body work, there are less chemicals and harsh ingredients in TBS body butters, and more ingredients that are good for your skin.

Body scrub:- another The Body Shop product, can't help it, their body products just win. Anyway it's their cocoa butter body scrub. Best thing about it is that the granules don't melt, you can scurb without the granules suddenly disappearing because guess what they melted (I don't know who came up with this horrible idea anyway?).

Skin care:

Facewash: Avène cleanance soapless gel, second time I buy this, so gentle and will take off all makeup, oil & dirt without leaving any.

Makeup remover: The Body Shop Camomile butter cleanser, talked about it here.

Lip Balm: NUXE Rêve de Miel, talked about it here.

Scrub: Bioderma sebium exfoliating purifying gel, third time I own this scrub, a bit harsh, but I love it.

Toner:- Clarins exfoliating toner, talked about it here.

Moisturizer: Neal Yard remedies Power Berry moisturiser, it's very moisturising & feels good on, the only thing I don't like is that it's organic which is a good thing but it expires quickly. All Neal yard remedies products expire quickly. None the less I love this moisturiser.

Eye cream: Ran out of everything earlier this year and I've been using Avène Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream, it's very light with a yellow tint, I like it so far, I don't think it's the best cream ever but it's been good to me this whole year!

Face :-

Foundation:  Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation, talked about it here.

Compact Powder: Makeup forever pro finish powder, talked about it here.

Concealer/highlighter: Benefit Lemon Aid & mikyaji concealer, talked about them here.

Highlighter: Love Mac Mineralized skin finish in Soft & Gentle, it's sooo pretty.

BB cream: Okay this is a little embarrassing after my long BB cream post it turns out my favourite BB cream was not even on the list, I discovered this Garnier Miracle skin perfector for oily skin through my mum. One day we were out her skin looked amazing I asked what she used and she told me it was this new thing she bought.
Anyway everything I disliked about their first BB cream for normal skin they fixed with this new BB cream. The coverage is much higher, it's matte & not oily at all, long lasting.. this BB cream is amazing!

Contour: Benefit Hoola bronzer, love it. This is not overrated it's loved for a reason!


My favourite ever lip product this year is L'Oreals Rouge Caresse 401 'Rebel Red', remember the YSL volupte sheer candy lipstick that I loved so much? Yeah well I lost it lol, but later I discovered this L'Oreal lipstick & it's almost identical, the color a sheer red, the weight weightless, the moisturization amazing. Everything about it is identical except the YSL had this lovely mango fruity scent/taste, this doesn't.

I also have been loving Revlons balm stains, my favourite is ofcourse the red one because I love everything red about lips.

Finally I love these long lasting lip glosses from YSL & L'Oreal.

And we're finally done, phew!
There were a couple of products that I forgot to take a picture of and include them here but I'll talk about them in my next posts
If you have any comments let me know :D